Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Face is Young, but My Soul is Oh So Very Old

Sporting a neatly buttoned shirt beneath a warm knit cardigan and classic blazer, I lazily slip on a pre-knotted tie, tightening it as I adjust it beneath my collar. Arriving downstairs, I catch my father blearily rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he nearly stumbles into me. His vision seeming to finally focus, he sneezes once and swipes at his eyes again.

"Oh," he says, glancing up and down at my outfit. "I was going to wear that too." Then he chuckles, in that weird way that only your father can manage at 6:00 in the morning.


My mom opens the door for me as I arrive home from school. Looking at my old-man outfit (complete with briefcase. I know, don't judge), she locks the door behind me and shrugs.

"Well, better a schoolboy than a hooker, I guess."


"You're wearing a tie?" My friend exclaims. "Sweeeeet, you can take me to prom then." I think she was serious.

Lesson learned: sometimes dressing like a man is cool. And sometimes it gets you prom dates and unsolicited marriage proposals. Hmmm.

The Tubsters

P.S. My tie is purple and has frogs on it. If that doesn't scream feminine, I don't what does.

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