Sunday, March 21, 2010

Take Two

Hello there,
I am not even sure if anyone has visited this tiny blog in months. I'm not sure if anyone is even aware it exists. But I've decided I'm going to change that.

I posted diligently on this for a couple of months, and I really enjoyed it. However after a while it became a chore. It became too difficult to take pictures, post them, and write about my outfit. I wasn't enjoying it. And I felt like there was no reward for any of the work I was putting in. I would look at all these other fashion blogs and see how professional they were and how many people read them, and this tiny little blog didn't measure up. So now I am going to take the steps to change that. And if I reach a point where I don't enjoy it anymore, then I will gracefully bow out of the blogging world.

So this is going to be take two. Regular outfit posts will start tomorrow. Enjoy,