Sunday, December 27, 2009

New York Part II

Hello readers,
I bring you more of my trip to New york:

While it was bitterly cold, I greatly admired anyone who managed to still display a sense of style. Trends I noticed were brightly colored coats and Elmer Fudd-esque knit hats with ear flaps. Above I managed to catch a picture of some lovely ladies all sporting red coats. ( I still cannot believe I found them all at once.)

I wish I could have gotten a picture from the front of the young man above with the duffel bag. He had pale skin, a strong jaw, and bright red hair which he set off with the dark colors of his peacoat, jeans, and circle scarf. While I only glimpsed him momentarily, I could tell that he had a very simple yet elegant style as shown in his black leather boots and the way he could carry a duffel bag.

The people above reminded me of an American Eagle ad with their coordinated hats and furry coats. (click here for photos from their winter look book.)

I then went to see the musical Finian's rainbow which was incredible. If anyone is in to musical theater- I highly suggest you see it. The plot was a bit bizarre but the music was very powerful and truly unique. the actors were incredible, and there was not a single dud in the role.

And then the snowstorm hit.

Outfit Details: boots- doc martens stockings- Ann Taylor, skirt- thrifted, shirt- forever 21, blazer- vintage, scarf- H&M, jacket- H&M

These are some very poor quality pictures of what I wore. Although I was wearing merely stockings on my legs (without even leggings underneath) I was very toasty because of my doc martens which have the incredible power to protect my feet from all the cold and wet that snow involves.

I hope your holidays have been lovely so far,