Wednesday, December 2, 2009

'Tis The Season

Hello there readers,
I sincerely apologize for my extended absence the past couple of days. The combination of thanksgiving break, and then getting hit in the face with work when I returned has totally thrown me for a loop. However I have copious amounts of photos piling up, and I promise many posts in the future.

I am entirely ensconced in the Christmas spirit at the moment. I absolutely reject any holiday music or decorations before thanksgiving, but I am ready to throw myself into the festivities the moment thanksgiving ends.

Instead of running out to the mall on Black Friday my family has a lovely tradition in that every year we go together to cut down our own Christmas tree. We go to a place called Mount Christmas Tree, which is essentially a Christmas tree farm perched on the top of a mountain. We grab a saw and trek up the mountain and start searching for the perfect tree. It has to be the right color, the right height, the right width, and without any bald spots. It often takes a while for everyone to agree on the same tree, but once we do we have to lie down on the ground and start sawing away. Everyone takes turns, although my father is always the most skilled lumberjack. We then drag the tree back down the mountain, and strap it on to our car .

The day after black Friday I went out shopping with my friend, Sylvie. I got some clothes for myself (which you will be seeing later this week) and we drank some fantastic Starbucks coffee. You know its the holidays when they release the holiday cups and the holiday lattes. (Sylvie enjoyed her usual extra chocolate chip frappechino)

I wore this fairly slapdash outfit with my new hat, which I absolutely love.

Outfit Details: hat & purple cardigan - urban outfitters, blazer- vintage, shirt & jeans- forever 21, purse- gift

Later that day my family and I erected our tree, put on some Christmas music, and got to decorating.

My dog insisted on helping.

I hope this super long post makes up for my serious lack the past couple of days!
peace out,


  1. I LOVE THE LAST TWO PICTURES OF YOU. You look absolutely GORGEOUS. And your puppy looks cuutee :) thanks for including me though I do look a lost hobo

  2. Cute!!!! So glad you were able to find the right tree!

  3. I like your beanie and your blazer fits you perfectly!

    The last photo of your pup made me laugh =]