Monday, November 30, 2009

Young in Body, Just Not in Soul

A confession: I usually feel like I have "nothing to wear." I put that in quotations marks because, as some may know, there is a very fine distinction between having literally having no clothes to physically put on your (very sexy) body and scrounging around in your closet for half an hour and coming up with absolutely, positively, "nothing to wear." According to The Telegraph, women can spend almost an entire year their whole lives looking for an outfit in their own wardrobes! Eeeek!

I've definitely spent a good amount of time pondering over the apparel in my own closet and drawing a blank, which is why I've got places and people (like you dear readers!) to inspire me. I'm still in a holiday mood (coming back to school was absolutely brutal), so bear with me as I cause your servers to cry with picture overload:

For some reason, I'm always drawn to the menswear styles, even more so when it's a female wearing them. Is it any wonder I'm addicted to the Sartorialist?? :D

- The Tubsters


  1. Yes, I often feel that way. I feel the mroe clothes you have, the more you won't "know" what to wear. I need a lot of inspiration too! And the Sartorialist is perfect for that.

  2. Isn't it great for inspiration? Although sometimes it has the opposite effect and I feel depressed about how uncreative I usually am in my outfit choices. Oh well~

    - Tubby