Thursday, November 19, 2009

Classic Never Goes Out of Style

Hello readers,

This was my very basic outfit from the other day. However I have an extreme emotional attachment to the shoes I was wearing. These ratty black sneakers were my first pair of converse, that I got about four or five years ago. (I now have multiple pairs, in varying colors.) As you can see, I wore these shoes until they ripped and tore until they threatened to fall off of my feet. When I first got them they were black and squeaky clean. First I decided to exchange one of the purple laces for a sparkly white one. I then decided to draw a spiral and a music note on the rubber toes. Then I added various phrases like "PEACE" along the sides. Then one day when my friend and I were painting the walls of a school for charity, we got in a paint fight, and I ended up splatter painting the poor things.

Later that year I went to Rome with my family and they had these "cool things" sold in tiny little vending machines for one Euro each. Each one is some little critter disguised in a rubber costume. I found a chipmunk in an eggplant, a pooh bear in a monkey, and another pooh bear pretending to be piglet, among others. I attached these to my shoes as a memento of the trip. These shoes represent all the fantastic times I have had in them, and every bit of added vandalism just makes me love them more. Because they are so decrepit I only wear them on special occasions, but every time I do, I can't help but smile.

Outfit Details: shirt- forever 21, vest- urban outfitters, pants- anthropologie

Peace out,


  1. great outfit! especially love the vest!

  2. Love the outfit! It's such a great and casual look. and those pants are fab!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!