Monday, November 16, 2009

Where's My Magic Carpet, Damn It?

I've ranted about a lot of things. Mainly fads that have already taken the streets and my school by storm. But let's switch gears and focus on something that hasn't yet filled the seemingly innocent hallways full of learning and education, but I fear may very well very soon.

I'm talking about harem pants.

I know they're quite popular among celebrities and emerging in larger numbers on people who aren't planning on putting on a production of Arabian Nights, but still, is it worth looking like you had your friend boost your pants volume with a bicycle pump just to be "in fashion?" The answer is no, my friends. No. Diaper-ass is never a good thing. I'd really prefer it if the girls (and the guys!) that I see on a daily basis would refrain from looking as if they're wearing Pampers. Because before you know it, you've arrived here:

"Harem pants" and "hammer pants" are only 1 letter away from each other. Think about it.

- The Tubsters


  1. tee hee! very good observation. i'm not feeling harem/hammer pants either

  2. You're right....they're hideous. My husband lived in Turkey for 2 years and says they wear them all the time over there still. They call them "seven-day sh#tters". Get it?? You can go for seven days without taking them off?? I know, disgusting, but that's all I can think about now when I see them.

    I randomly stumbled across your blog the other day and totally enjoy it. Thanks! (Sorry for being obscene-haha)

  3. I agree...I'm not sure how or why it came back..