Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Soundtrack to my Life

Hello there,
I apologize for all the indoor pictures- this whole daylight savings is really sending me for a loop pictures-wise. By the time I get home it's already dark and I am forced to move indoors.

However, I must take a moment to discuss a song that has been stuck in my head for one week at least: coffee & tv by blur. Its there whatever I am doing, and seems to just haunt me through every action. On the other hand, it can make life a little more interesting- I feel like a movie character, and this is part of my soundtrack. Not to mention that the music video, while a tad morbid, is positively adorable. It has definitely garnered a spot in my list of favorite music videos.

Outfit details: blazer- h&m, shirt- anthropologie, undershirt- sugarlips, jeans- free people

What would you say is your favorite music video?

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