Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hard Days Night

Hey there,
In the words of the greatest band ever- it's been a hard days night. (And I've been working like a dog)

I paired this shirt with the skirt on whim and I really like the result. The band shirt and doc martens contrast nicely with the flouncy skirt and stockings. And really. Who doesn't like the Beatles? (I can assuredly state that they're my all time favorite band.) I've been contemplating getting the remastered Beatles albums, even though I already have all the songs, just for the better quality. Additionally the mono tracks are often different versions and different recordings than the stereo, so I could hear my favorite songs in an entirely new way. However so far I remain undecided.

Outfit Details: shirt- ?, skirt- anthropologie, stockings- target,

As a side note- we now have three followers!!!!! Thanks so much to everyone who takes their time to check out our tiny little blog. We really appreciate it. We hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy posting!

Peace out,

p.s. I promise no more indoor pictures after this!!!