Friday, November 13, 2009


Hello readers,
I have recently discovered two things which I had previously eschewed, but now am very fond of: berets and tea. Allow me to digress,

The first thing- berets. I had once thought that hats of any kind, while they may look very nice on other people, were not very "me". However I am starting to believe I completely miscalculated. I love the look of a good slouchy hat, and the way it can add a very laid back chic vibe to any outfit. They also keep you extremely warm- did you know you lose the most body heat from your head? And sometimes, I like to pretend I'm french. At the moment I own only this one black beret, but I am looking into getting another in a different color very soon. (They have one I really like at urban outfitters.)

The second- tea. I had once thought that tea was really just like drinking hot water, and that it only served as a bland substitute for hot chocolate or coffee. I was positively, woefully wrong. I have gotten into the habit of drinking at least one cup of tea a day and it invariably calms me down and warms me up. Another great thing about tea- there are so many different flavors!! My personal favorites are the peppermint and gingerbread spice made by Celestial Seasonings. They're both very winter/ holiday themed, which is great, because I'm ready for the advent of snow and winter break. I was enjoying my cup of gingerbread tea (with milk and honey) so much that I couldn't put it down, and it ended up as a lovely prop in these pictures.

Outfit Details: Plaid shirt- vintage (my dad's), under shirt- also my dad's, leggings- H&M, beret- H&M

So get a cup of tea and drink up,

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