Sunday, November 8, 2009

Playing the Not-Study Game (Care to Join?)

My style is usually a slapdash effort exerted in the wee hours of morning while frantically searching for an outfit before my bus arrives (which is usually why I end up wearing nearly the same thing everyday...). My earliest memories concerning fashion revolve around this one outfit that was (to me) the coolest thing ever. Overalls. They were lime green, shorts overalls with some applique crap on the pockets. I was five and I thought I was amazing.

I can't really remember anything else fashion-related in between that time and now, but all I know now is that overalls are stupid unless you're actually on a farm and milking a cow, at which point, to be honest, no amount of appliqued flower crap can save you. I should probably get back on topic.

I'd like to think that I'm a lot more sophisticated and stylish than I was when my mother would dress me (hi, I had like, 50 different sweaters for ALL of the holidays), but it's always rather difficult to tell. Seeing as both Lloyd and I are completely overloaded with the work teachers just love to give near the end of the marking period (4 tests and counting coming up this week!!!), I'll give you some crappy snapshots of what I've been wearing essentially for essentially this entire month:

(Notice how I must cuff my jeans because I am a shorty, and logic dictates that lazy people have no business actually spending time and money to alter their clothes for aesthetic purposes. I know. I'm cool.)

It's a simple outfit, made slightly more put-together with the blazer I've been wearing essentially every day since the start of the school year. Everything I wear is really just a variation of this, which may or may not be ideal sartorially, but I say that if it works, then...

(pants and jacket - H&M, shoes - Zuriick, scarf - Burberry)

Brace yourselves for Monday :-)

- The Tubsters


  1. Love your sneaker! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I get the cool rounded corners on my pics on, an editing website. it's so easy and fun to use!

  2. Hey tubsters- I'm so glad you did an outfit post and you look great! (like always)

    and btw, I was the one who commented on your blog Dylana, haha I should really start signing my comments.