Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some Say I'm Bookish

Hello there,

I know I promised no more indoor pictures, but the daylight escaped from me once again. However, I feel that sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than a fully stocked bookshelf (Exhibit A below). I may need to get a new bookshelf soon- the ones I have are completely full, and there are stacks of more books lining the floors, concealed in various corners of my bedroom. However, I feel that buying a new bookshelf qualifies more as an accomplishment than a chore, so I suppose I won't complain.

And I am wearing this dress again, but I tried to style it in a very different way. I went with a Shakespeare-inspired-puffy-sleeve cardigan and brown boots. I wore black socks that peeked up a bit over the tops of the boots, although you can't really see it here.

And just as a side note- I don't know why some people complain that dresses are restrictive and uncomfortable. This one at least is very comfortable, perhaps because the skirt is a little longer than some dresses so I had a full range of movement.

Outfit Details: boots- unkown, stockings- H&M, belt and dress- Urban Outfitters, cardigan- anthropologie

As a side note- We now have six followers! Thanks so much to everyone who reads this blog. Please let us know what you like (or don't like), and keep reading!

Peace out,


  1. I really love this look on you! Great job with the styling. Love the books too!

  2. Ah, I completely agree with you about the wonderfulness that is a full bookcase. To quote Martha Stewart, it's a good thing. lol.

    Lovely outfit! :)