Sunday, November 8, 2009

Variations on a Theme

Hello there,
I sincerely apologize for not posting anything this past week. I have been completely swamped with work, and I hardly had time to do anything aside from school work. However, I am back, and I promise I have many more posts coming in the future.

This outfit is simply a variation of my usual uniform- skinnies, a shirt, and a scarf. While it is not highly cutting edge in the terms of fashion, it is what suits my tastes and what I'm comfortable in. Sure, I love mixing up clothes and outfits to create different looks, but I believe everyone has their "uniform" of what is comfortable to them. I got these pants at anthropologie this past week, and in addition to having a very autumnal look, they are really comfortable. They almost feel like spandex. I look forward to pairing them with many more accessories in the future, and possibly branching out from my usual ensemble.

Outfit details: shirt- borrowed, scarf- anthropologie, pants- anthropologie

Do you have a certain look that you consider your "uniform" ?

peace out,


  1. Wow. I totally only just realized what your title was referencing. Don't you feel so lucky to have such a smart co-blogger? :)

  2. Haha so happy. God I love stupid musical references. Can you Handel it?