Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Happy Sunday!!! I must say I absolutely love Sundays. They are the one day a week I get to sleep in (Saturdays I have early morning sports practice) and from that just stems all sorts of good things. For instance- at the moment I am outside with a large mug of coffee doing my homework. (Well I suppose at this exact moment I am blogging, but you get the gist.) My bonehead of a dog is rolling in the leaves and I am listening to some excellent Death Cab For Cutie. My fantastic mood is not even deterred by the fact that soon I will have to move on from reading Shakespeare (which to me is one of the most enjoyable experiences there is) to doing math (conversely: one of the most un-enjoyable experiences on this planet. On par with having all of your teeth pulled without novicane by a myopic dentist while being forced to listen to Hannah Montana). On top of that I believe I may go thrifting later today- which is just a thrilling prospect.

My clothing choices today essentially mirror my mood. I decided I was not quite in the state of mind to fully cloth myself in jeans or any other sort of pants or skirt. Therefore the rest of my outfit (if it can be called an outfit) rotates around keeping me warm. Luckily its pretty nice out today, alhtough I know this may be the last day I'm able to get away with something ridiculous like this. But heres to sleeping in and refusing to fully get dressed!

Outfit details: Sweater- Vintage from my Grandfather's closet, Shorts- Anthropologie, Knee Socks- DSW, Boots- my mother's

Peace out,

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