Sunday, October 4, 2009

Real Men Wear Suits

Hey there, Lloyd again.
I think there is a serious problem with guy's fashion these days. Or perhaps I should say lack thereof. Young men, teenagers especially, have become prey to the terrible disease: schlubitis (a disease which simply, reduces one into a schlub). These kids are running around in ratty T-shirts and sweatpants all day, everyday. Now I completely understand the merit of sweatpants. They're great if you're just having a day where you don't feel like fully waking up.
But really. Does americas male population just never wake up? Or shower? I'm not asking for much. Maybe just upgrade to a t-shirt with jeans. It doesn't need to be fancy. You can still wear your sneakers. I promise. AND you can even retain your masculinity if you put actual clothing on. In fact sometimes, nice clothes even make guys look better. Just an Idea. Band of Outsiders' Fall collection is a fantastic example how guys can wear a suit, and not look like an idiot. American male youth. I beg of you, just take one look?


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