Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rainy Day

Hello there blog readers (all two of you),
I apologize for the poor quality and lighting of these photos. But it was raining out, and I really didn't feel like trying to photograph myself while water was coursing down my face and my socks got completely inundated with mud. forgive me. However, this lovely outfit was inspired by the not-so-fantastic weather outside. The jacket belonged to my mother in the early 90's. If you cannot tell from the pictures, it is made of a wind-breaker material that kept me dry in the ongoing drizzle. I then layered on a scarf and sweater to keep me warm.

For those looking at this magnificent jacket and thinking- "that is the ugliest piece of outerwear I have ever seen. It should have died along with the MC hammer pants." - I disagree. I will concede and admit that this jacket is heinously ugly. However, I think it still has some charm to it. When styled with more modern aspects of style (skinny jeans & a scarf) it creates a look that spans generations.

Also, this jacket plays into one of my core believes of fashion. I always think a look should be "pretty, in spite of" something. In this instance it is pretty in spite of the (hideous) jacket. I try to follow this principle in most of the outfits I concoct. I believe clothing should not just be about looking really hot- it should be about self expression. An outfit should say something about the individual, not just the measurements of one's body. That is why I insist on resurrecting certain items of clothing despite their questionable aesthetic value. Because why look like everyone else if you don't have to?

Outfit details: jacket- vintage, sweater- H&M, Scarf- H&M, pants- Urban Outfitters

Peace out,

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