Saturday, October 31, 2009

"The once happy turquoise armies lay opposite ready, but wonder why the fight is on."

Hey there,
Happy Halloween! I apologize, because this is not really a Halloween post per say. I meant to put this outfit up last night but of course time escaped me. I'll try to post something more ghostly themed this evening.

I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers the clothes horse to purchase some colorful stockings. She has a knack for pairing very vintage pretty dresses with more whimsical colored tights. In an attempt to emulate her I bought one pair of turquoise and one pair of yellow tights. (I got them at 5 below for $3 a piece!) I centered this outfit around the turquoise pair. I really like the result, it made the whole outfit a lot more interesting then it would have been with plain black tights.

As a side note- I got this skirt at a thrift store for about $5. However it was too long, and a little too wide. I safety pinned the back and cut about four inches from the bottom to make it fit as a high waisted skirt. This is my first successful attempt at altering clothing got myself, and I am very proud that it didn't end up looking like a rag.

Outfit details: white shirt-heritage, over shirt-H&M, skirt- thrifted & altered, tights- 5 below, shoes- doc martens

And I can't decide whether I like the blue shirt better tucked in or not. Any input?
Enjoy your Halloween,


  1. Hey there. You're sexy.

    I think the silhouette of the outfit looks better with the shirt tucked in.

    This actually reminds me of when I always wore those crazy magenta tights all the time in the sixth grade and everyone made fun of me :-/

    - Tubby McTubsters

  2. tucked in most def. you're too pretty.

  3. Thanks, I liked it a lot better tucked in too, but I thought I should try it that way.
    And Tubby- I loved those tights. I was always jealous.