Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Last night I went to see Where the Wild Things Are with my significant other, and I must say, I absolutely loved it.

When Max reaches the land of the Wild Things he finds himself in a land of giants with super strength, and potent, variable emotions, but the naivety of children. The Wild things are constantly bickering, and they look to Max to "take away all the sadness". Thus the movie leads the viewer on a incredibly scenic, yet trouble fraught journey. The movie uses the Wild Things to symbolically address the feelings of loneliness and isolation that everyone is privy to, especially younger kids like Max, who feels that no one listens to them. My only complaint of the movie is that it was maybe 10 minutes too long. Although I feel in a 90 minute movie, 10 minutes is not too terrible, especially if you have a box of raisinets handy.

However the movie is definitely not intended for little kids: it is much too dark. The Wild Things are always upset, and ultimate message behind the story would be lost on someone under 10. The audience was predominantly full of the young hipster and indie crowd, (myself included). With the alternative soundtrack (done by the lead singer of the yeah yeah yeahs) and artsy filming of the movie, it is clear that these were the viewers that Jonze hopped to entice. In fact, there has been a large amount of hype related to the release. Urban Outfitters even has a new Where The Wild Things Are line of clothing in celebration. I would highly suggest that everyone go see it- I can tell its going to quickly become a cult classic.

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