Saturday, October 10, 2009

Think I Can Receive Radio Signals from This?

So after ranting about shoes, let's move a little farther north. Hair, people, I'm talking about hair (perverts). Or rather, what you put in it. I agree that the shift in hair trends marches to the same beat as the change in fashion throughout the years, but there is one fad I will never embrace. Presenting:



Stop that.

Just - no.

There are no words. Except for these. Listen, I love you Marc Jacobs, but I do not love your crazy headbands that emulate the look of someone using Bugs Bunny's ears to practice his Boy Scout knots in the hopes of earning a few merit badges. I appreciate your humor; I understand that it's supposed to look kitschy French coquettish cute, but all I can think of when I see this is some poor soul who decided that pulling pantyhose over a wire clothes hanger is a good look. It is not. There is only one individual who can pull this off. Oh, right:

Don't draw inspiration from cartoon characters, Marc (can I call you Marc?). It is bad. Very bad.

- The Tubsters


  1. Really? I absolutely love those bunny ears.

  2. Well I suppose it is all a matter of taste. I cannot decide my view on them.