Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's Sunday and I have a ton of work to do. So of course, after heading home full from a late dim sum breakfast with the family, I decided to fool around with some makeup, although being a high school student, I generally can't get away with much before I'm mistaken for a teenage prostitute (but it's always fun to experiment). My usual "makeup" routine consists of lip balm and lotion. Sometimes mascara if I'm feeling classy (which is almost never). I managed to filch some of my sisters' old goods to play with, but I'm obviously inexperienced.

(With some fancy MAC lipstick and Esteé Lauder liquid eyeliner of questionable age)

(It's rather difficult to pull a good fish-face with lipstick on)

I rather like the look of a good cat-eye, although I can't quite pull it off. Ditto for the lipstick, but I can't really imagine either of them working for me in public anyway. Apologies for the sucky Photobooth pictures; I haven't exactly managed to secure an actual camera with which to take shots. But you'll have to excuse me - I've a trig exam to study for (le sigh).

- The Tubsters


  1. I think both look great on you...maybe it's a comfort thing? At least, it took me awhile to be comfortable in red lipstick in's quite dramatic.

  2. Definitely a comfort thing. Plus the fact that I tend to forget I'm wearing makeup and will proceed to accidentally rub the majority of it off. Whoops... :D