Sunday, October 4, 2009

Urban Playground

Known for cutting edge innovations in a world where absurdity is the norm (helloooo, crazy physics-defying shoes) Balenciaga's newest collection features the leather pants and biker chic urban grunge of that girl at your school who cuts class but has really cool jeans.

Disregarding the crazy mash up of design techniques utilized to create this show of street-warrior fashion, the juxtaposition of fabrics is what makes me drool. Combining recycled, natural, synthetic, whatever, is a feast for the senses that takes the fairly generic wardrobe standby of jeans and a tee to new levels of stunning.

But I'll stop now. Let's just look at the pretty clothes.

- The Tubsters


  1. I skipped class but I did not have cool the time! But yeah, I'm not as bad ass as these pictures, either, so...yeah. Will stop rambling now.

  2. Haha I doubt anybody could be as BA as the women in these pictures. They take it to a new level.