Friday, October 2, 2009

In Which I Rant

So, I think the Ugg trend needs to die.

It's gone on for long enough. Look, I know that they're just soooo comfy and so unbelievably warm but still. Two undoubtedly commendable attributes are not enough to justify the mental anxiety I feel in the presence of the unsavory boots of doom. Please. Unless you're the one paying my therapist in 10 years (therapy necessitated due to your wool lined atrocities), just don't. Remember crocs? Remember how they were (close to) the ugliest things ever to grace the surface of this Earth but NO ONE actually chose to acknowledge that fact until buying 3 pairs each??? With FLOWER CHARMS? I HATE FLOWERS.

But I digress. I'll do that quite often, so try to keep up.

Uggs. I don't see the need. If you need the warmth that much, just stick your feet in a toaster oven. Much more visually appealing.

- The Tubsters

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