Saturday, October 24, 2009

Senior Citizen

In perpetuating my sister's opinion that I tend to dress like my father, I've been wanting a pair of classic oxfords for a while. I think it's definitely in part because of the contrast between the old-man connotation of timeless shoes against some of the more modish aspects of my style, but something about oxfords is strangely appealing to me. Unfortunately, I am far from being able to afford any of the higher quality leather shoes, but I am on the hunt for some cheaper alternatives (open to suggestions, por supuesto). Although I can't exactly stomach the price for some gorgeous Bruno Magli stunners, I do have my eye on these lovely (though still relatively expensive) Frye Erin oxfords (the gray version kind of makes my heart weep).

There's always something endearing about the old-geezer assthetic (hey, I carried around a pocket watch in the fifth grade. Shut up.), so we'll see how far into it I get until some kid offers to help me across a busy intersection. Because that kid is dead, man.

- The Tubsters

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